Beautiful evening for the 2017 Bench-to-bench run

2017 bench to bench run

Lawrence, Heather, Mark, Evan and Dawn at the look out point

The annual Bench-to-bench run starting on Ranmore is held every summer to commemorate Mike Horner who was a much-loved member of DMVAC. Anyone who went out running with the Mike can relate a tale, usually about his cheerful optimism and under-estimate of the distance to be covered… I can remember the evening we set off for run into the Surrey Hills (only about an hour!) in a group led by Mike. We got lost and just about made it back to Pixham Lane before dark. I wasn’t a happy bunny at the time but I forgave him after I did my best ever 3km time on the  track two days later. There was never a dull moment when you went running with him and the annual run in the Surrey Hills from Ranmore to Leith Hill is a fitting tribute.