Dorking 10 Results 2007

Dorking 10 results from the race held on 3rd June 2007. As we are now using RaceMaster, the files are PDF format.

Results can also be viewed on the Sportsystems website.

Updates to results

21.00 4/6/07 – Haslemere Borders AC runner declared (new ladies team appears at Position 17).

12.30 12/06/07 – 4 birth dates were entered incorrectly on the day (due to the rush) resulting in rather a lot of V70 competitors! These have been corrected and the previous indicated winner of the men’s V70 category removed, leaving Robin Wilson as the winner – your trophy is in the post!

Please note that whilst I’m happy to correct mistakes such as runners forgetting to declare their Club, subsequent corrections will not change the offical results for which prizes have been awarded unless DMVAC were responsible for the mistake in the first place.


If you’d like a photo of yourself running in the race this year, go to Ant Bliss who was taking pictures at the race. Use your race number in the “precise search” to view your photo after clicking on the “Show them the picture !” link.


Contact the Race Director

We have received lots of really good comments and thanks for this year’s race – it’s really encouraging to know that runners appreciate all the hard work and effort we put into making the Dorking 10 an enjoyable and safe event, so thank you everyone who has sent email or written nice things on the Runners World website. However, if there is anything we can do to make the race even better (that’s within reason!!), we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Email Sheena Bassett the Race Director at

PS. Apparently I was useless with the megaphone at the start so someone else can do that next year!