Dorking 10 Results 2011

Dorking 10 Final results from the race held on 5th June 2011. The files are PDF format. Note that these are the “gun” times and not the chip times – you can find your chip time from the results listed on the Sportsystems website.

Finalised team results:

Lost property

Found upstairs in the Baggage room:

  • 1 pink Next zip-up
  • 1 Abercrombie & Fitch navy hoodie


To find and buy your souvenir photos just go to Sussex Sports Photography – click on the Dorking 10 event and use your race number in the search box – and all your pictures will be displayed.

Contact the Race Director

The D10 Race Committee and everyone from the club, friends and family who turn up to help on the day appreciate your positive feedback, so thank you runners! We hope to see everyone back next year and the date will be around the beginning of June (first Sunday is the Queen”s Jubilee weekend …).

Email: Sheena Bassett ( Race Director) at