Grand Prix

The DMVAC Grand Prix was introduced as a new club event in 2014. Competitors are to complete 6 races out of 12 nominated for each month of the year which runs from July to June of the following year. Qualifying events can be filtered separately in the Fixtures List and are as follows for 2015-2016:

  • July Elmore 7
  • August Park Run, Reigate Priory Park
  • September MABAC Lightwater
  • October Surrey Cross Country League Match 1
  • November Epsom 10k
  • December MABAC – Wisley
  • January Surrey Cross Country League Match 3
  • February Bookham 10k
  • March Leith Hill Half Marathon
  • April Park Run, Banstead Woods
  • May Sutton Ten
  • June Woodman 5

All DMVAC senior runners are eligible to compete. Categories are determined by speed rather than age, so you will be competing against similar ability runners. Each competitor only needs to complete six of the nominated races.

To enter, please email your typical 10k race time (be honest…) to Stuart Prentice. If you don’t know your 10k time, an estimate is fine.

Download the full document for further information.