Track Results 2010

March Races

Surrey Indoor Championships – 6th & 7th March

Surrey Indoor Championships full results

Kingston Open Throws Meeting

In her first meeting of the season Leane Bettis competed in two disciplines at Kingston. She threw 31.00 in the Discus and 28.08 in the Javelin.

Kingtson Throws full results

Crawley Open Meeting – Sun 18th March

Well done to Louise Ionascu who came 2nd in the senior women’s 800m in a time of 2.29.73.

April Races

Ebbisham Boys League Match 1

Full results here

Watford Open Grading Meeting – 21st April

Some excellent performances here and two PBs in the 800m.
Jack Wyllie 2.22.31
Adam Hulin 2.02.39 PB
Luke Caldwell (U20) 1.57.17 PB

Southern Women’s League Match 1

Well done to our ladies team who all did multiple events and some a relay as well to get as many points as possible for the team. The team consisted of Louise Ionescu, Leane Bettis, Leah Dyson, Jane Wilcox and K Kublik
An excel spredsheet of all the results is available to view here.

May Races

Young Athletes League Southern Division 2 A24 Match 1

Well done all! There are many 1st and 2nd position performances in the results below. Keep it up and good luck for the rest of the season.
If any other juniors would like to complete in other Young Athletes competitions please contact Dave Stead on 01308 880920 or see your coach. There are still many event slots not being filled and non-scoring places for the popular events. More athletes means we can field some relays teams as well which are always good fun and hopefully we can get some more high positions.

Event Position AC Name Performance
150m 6(A) U13G H Morris 26.5
150m 5(B) U13G A Blair 26.6
800m 3(A) U13G A Blair 3:11.6
1200m 1(A) U13G H Morris 4:35.8
1200m 1(A) U13G N Winslade 4:37.4
800m 2(A) U13B Charlie Wyllie 2:34.8
800m 1(A) U13W Cora Harrison 2:32.5
800m 2(B) U13W H Haskell 2:38.7
1500m 1(A) U15B Ben Brunswick 4:57.3
1500m 1(A) U15B Oli May 5:04.0
800m 3(A) U15B Jack Wyllie 2:22.9
800m 2(B) U15B T Chappell 2:37.1
High Jump 2(A) U17W Nicole Loucaides 1.50m
High Jump 2(B) U17W Leah Dyson 1.45m
Triple Jump 1(A) U17W Leanne Bettis 9.49m
Triple Jump 1(B) U17W Nicole Loucaides 9.00m
Long Jump 3(A) U17W Nicole Loucaides 4.18m
Long Jump 5(A) U15G Samantha Heydon 3.48m
Discus 2(A) U17W Leanne Bettis 30.47m
Shot 2(A) U17W Leanne Bettis 6.79m
Shot 4(A) U15G Samantha Heydon 5.48m

Full YAL results

Surrey Outdoor Championships

A number of dorking athletes were competing against the best in Surrey over the two days of competition.

Event AC Name Position Performance
100m(h) U13G Sophie Cooper 5 15.79
200m(h) U13G Rebecca Loomes 7 32.79
200m(h) U13G Emily Hormung 6 33.28
200m(h) U13G Freya Jhugroo 7 34.34
800m(h) U13G Hannah Morris 4 2:48.10
800m(h) U13G Rebecca Loomes 8 2:52.72
800m(h) U13G Lucy Brett 3 2:43.94
800m(h) U13G Emily Hormung 7 2:56.81
800m(h) U13G Freya Jhugroo 8 3:04.53
1500m(F) U13G Hannah Morris 7 5:42.37
Long Jump U13G Emily Hormung 12 3.25m
Long Jump U13G Rebecca Loomes 13 3.10m
Long Jump U13G Freya Jhugroo 15 2.62m
800m(h) U15G Suzannah Monk 5 2:34.04
Shot U15G Helen Bridgman 2 7.86m
Discus U15G Helen Bridgman 2 19.00m
800m(h) U17W Cora Harrison 4 2:26.44
800m(h) U17W Jessica Filby 7 2:33.39
800m(F) U17W Cora Harrison 8 2:37.04
3000m(F) U17W Jessica Filby 11 11:40.89
High Jump U17W Leah Dyson 5 1.40m
Discus U17W Leanne Bettis 2 29.99m
Shot U20W Sarah Bridgman 4 9.52m
800m(F) SW Louise Ionascu 5 2:26.79
1500m(F) SW Louise Ionascu 5 5:11.28
Discus SW Kasia Kublik 5 27.51m
1500m(F) U13B Charlie Wyllie 2 4:57.10
800m(h) U15B Charlie Hale 6 2:40.22
800m(h) U15B Jack Wyllie 4 4:34.73
1500(h) U15B Oliver May 8 4:57.86
1500m(F) U15B Jack Wyllie 9 4:48.97
1500m(F) U17M Johnny Walton 11 4:41.25
5000m(F) SM Nick Hodges 4 15:52.75

Surrey Champs results

Southern Men’s League Match 2 – Sutton Arena

A team of 10 athletes from Dorking and Mole Valley AC and Holland Sports AC managed to come third in their 2nd Southern Men’s League Match despite a small team. Many athletes competed in more than one event even if it wasn’t their speciality so the team managed to cover most events and at least pick up some points in each. A few more athletes will enable us to be really competitive in this league, especially needed are throwers and sprinters but all are most welcome. In most matches you can do a non-scoring entry for your favourite event if the two team slots are taken so your trip won’t be wasted. All ages from U17 upwards are eligible to compete. Results are below.

Event Name Position Performance
400m Hdls Graham Hewett 1(A) 69.5
100m Greg Ames 2(A) 11.9
100m G Olsson 5(B) 13.4
800m Sam Knight 5(A) 2:16.2
800m R Knight 4(B) 2:40.9
5000m Bruce Harrold 1(A) 16:08.6
5000m Nigel Stevens 1(B) 18:08.1
400m Sam Knight 5(A) 61.1
400m C Parrott 5(B) 67.2
200m G Olsson 5(A) 27.8
200m S Knight 5(B) 28.5
1500m Bruce Harrold 2(A) 4.24.6
1500m Graham Hewett 2(B) 4.38.7
3000m SC Graham Hewett 2(A) 12.12.3
300m SC R Knight 2(B) 13.41.2
4x100m Holland/DMV 5 50.5
Long Jump Neil Lincoln 2(A) 6.30m
Long Jump Greg Ames 2(B) 5.71m
High Jump Greg Ames 4(A) 1.40m
High Jump Chris Parrott 1(B)= 1.00m
Triple Jump Neil Lincoln 2(A) 11.97m
Triple Jump Gavin Olsson 2(B) 9.20m
Hammer Neil Lincoln 3(A) 16.80m
Hammer Kevin Burnett 3(B) 12.20m
Javelin Kevin Burnett 4(A) 14.38m
Javelin Neil Lincoln 4(B) 9.84m
Shot Neil Lincoln 4(A) 7.47m
Shot Kevin Burnett 4(B) 4.84m
Discus Neil Lincoln 2(A) 22.31m
Discus Graham Hewett 3(B) 19.75m
Position Club Points
1 Queens Park 143
2 Sutton 138
3 Holland/DMV 118
4 Worthing 107
5 Bracknell 93

Southern Men’s League 4W Match 2 Full Results

Southern Women’s League Division 3 Match 2

Event Name Position Performance
200m Louise Ionascu 5(A) 31.8
200m Leah Dyson 5(B) 31.4
400m Louise Ionascu 4(A) 68.3
800m Louise Ionascu 3(A) 2:30.7
800m Leah Dyson 3(A) 3:00.7
3000m Wendy Mountford 3(A) 12:25.9
High Jump Leah Dyson 2(A) 1.45m
High Jump Louise Ionascu 2(B) 1.20m
Long Jump Jane Wilcox 3(A) 3.97m
Long Jump Louise Ionascu 2(B) 3.36m
Triple Jump Leanne Bettis 2(A) 9.56m
Triple Jump Jane Wilcox 3(B) 7.40m
Shot Vicky Smith 3(A) 7.66m
Shot Jane Wilcox 2(B) 7.17m
Discus Leanne Bettis 2(A) 29.79m
Discus Vicky Smith 2(B) 20.41m
Javelin Vicky Smith 2(A) 21.92m
Javelin Jane Wilcox 2(B) 11.90m
Hammer Jane Wilcox 3(A) 23.15m
4x100m DMVAC 5 63.7
4x400m DMVAC 4 5:16.9