Multi-Sport: including Duathlon and Aquathlon

DMVAC is committed to triathlon and liaises with other clubs to provide training across all disciplines. We also take part in specialised sessions such as Transition training (Brick sessions) and open water swimming.

We run with and are part of DMVAC who are affiliated to Triathlon England, which forms part of the British Triathlon Federation. See the affiliation page and why you should join Triathlon England.

Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the benefit of others. We know that it can be scary to undertake your first road race, so thinking about three disciplines could be a daunting experience. But fear not, there are enough of us that have already been there to guide you through the start of your multi-sport adventure.

Transition at Eton Dorney

Transition at Eton Dorney. Image courtesy of Votwo.

Initially you may like to start with an indoor pool based event such as a “mini” TRI, GOTRI, or “Super Sprint” TRI. These can be great fun. We’ll be listing upcoming events where you might like to TRI.

There are races most weekends of the season (May to September). Some are within easy travelling distance (pool swims-Super Sprint TRIs at Hart Tri in Fleet and East Grinstead with open water Sprint TRIs at Eton Dorney and Thorpe Park). Eton Dorney also hosts mid-week Sprint TRIs. There are also some Ladies only events. Other events may be a bit further afield, however the “Road trip” can also be part of the fun. We particularly liked the Deva Olympic distance TRI in Chester and also the Newbiggin on Sea Sprint TRI just north of Newcastle. We’ll also be looking at some of the longer races, Half (70.3) and Full Ironman events. Take a look at TRI247 which has a race listing as well as many other interesting information.

Sprint Triathlon at Eton Dorney. Image courtesy of Votwo.

Sprint Triathlon at Eton Dorney. Image courtesy of Votwo.

For those of you new to Triathlon the length and make-up of events can be confusing so here are some guidelines to the event distances.

Swim Bike Run
m km km
Mini (generally Pool swim) 100-400 5-10 2
Super Sprint (generally Pool swim) 400-500 20 5
Sprint (mostly open water) 750 20 5
“Olympic” or Standard 1500 40 10
“Half Ironman” or “70.3” 1900 90 21.1
“Ironman” or “Full” 3800 180 42.2


To make the sport available to everyone, Triathlon England have introduced GOTRI events at which novice athletes can find a “gentle” way into multi-sport events. Both Dorking Sports Centre and Leatherhead Leisure Centre will be hosting Aquathlon events (swim/run) throughout this year comprising 200m pool swim followed by 2K run. Woking Leisure centre have GOTRI triathlons 200m swim, 11K cycle then 3K run. The GOTRI website gives more information on these exiting introductory events.

Unlike Road Races, where the distances are measured to within a strict tolerance, Triathlons are often set out to approximate distances (to suit local road configurations). So for example an “Olympic” distance Triathlon may have a bike leg of 41.5K and a run of 9.5K. It should be noted that Olympic, Ironman and Half Ironman are copyrighted names by their respective triathlon organisations.

International Triathlon Union ITU

World Triathlon Corporation WTC

USA Triathlon (USAT)

Join Triathlon England

DMVAC is affiliated to Triathlon England (part of British Triathlon Federation)

Joining Triathlon England has many benefits, some of which include: –

  • Reduced entry fees (race licence) at Triathlon England permitted triathlons/duathlons.
  • Insurance cover, whilst competing and training.
  • Accident Legal Service: Free legal advice and support.

DMVAC get a £5 donation for every member that signs up via a link on the new DMVAC website (soon to be unveiled), please hang fire for a week or two until we get the new website up and running.

DMVAC TRI Mailing List

To keep up to date with the latest triathlon news and events please send an email entitled “please add me” to

If you have any questions about Triathlons and other multi-sport activities, then please contact your new TRI Coordinators Pete Dillow & Charlotte Craig.

Pete Dillow Charlotte Craig

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