Event Diary

Below is a list of events. Please check details against event website.

Let us know if you have any favourite events and which ones you have entered.

28-Mar Sat Mini GOTRI Super Sprint Sprint Olympic Aquathlon Duathlon
29-Mar Sun Woking GOTRI 200/11K/3K
04-Apr Sat
05-Apr Sun
06-Apr Mon Thames Turbo Hampton 
11-Apr Sat
12-Apr Sun Cranleigh  GoTri 300/16K/5K
18-Apr Sat
19-Apr Sun 7 Oaks (sold out) Cranleigh GOTRI 250/2.5K
25-Apr Sat Dorking GOTRI 200/2K Dorking GOTRI 200/2K
26-Apr Sun Woking GOTRI 200/11K/3K Salisbury Fast Twitch
02-May Sat
03-May Sun
04-May Mon Thames Turbo Hampton  Hart, Fleet 500/20/5
08-May Fri Guildford Phoenix
09-May Sat
10-May Sun East Grinstead Try a TRI East Grinstead Super Sprint St Neots Brit Champs 2015 ITU 2016 ETU
16-May Sat
17-May Sun Little Beaver 2015 ITU
23-May Sat Dorking GOTRI 200/2K Eton Dorney 2015 ITU Dorking GOTRI 200/2K
24-May Sun
25-May Mon Thames Turbo Hampton 
30-May Sat Nottingham 2015 ITU 2016 ETU
31-May Sun Woking GOTRI 200/11K/3K Ardingly White Bird Triathlon Hedge Hog Tri
03-Jun Wed
05-Jun Fri Guildford Phoenix
06-Jun Sat
07-Jun Sun White Oak Swanley
13-Jun Sat Leatherhead GOTRI 200/2K
14-Jun Sun Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Deva Chester 2015 ETU 2016 ETU
20-Jun Sat Dambuster 2015 ITU
21-Jun Sun Southport Marine 2016 ETU
27-Jun Sat Leeds Castle
28-Jun Sun Woking GOTRI 200/11K/3K Leeds Castle
01-Jul Wed
04-Jul Sat
05-Jul Sun Guildford Phoenix
10-Jul Fri
11-Jul Sat
12-Jul Sun
18-Jul Sat
19-Jul Sun Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade
25-Jul Sat Dorking GOTRI 200/2K
26-Jul Sun Worthing  Worthing 2016 ETU
01-Aug Sat
02-Aug Sun Woking GOTRI 200/11K/3K
05-Aug Wed
06-Aug Thu
07-Aug Fri Guildford Phoenix
08-Aug Sat Bewl Sussex 
09-Aug Sun Henly on Thames
15-Aug Sat
16-Aug Sun
22-Aug Sat Leatherhead GOTRI 200/2K
23-Aug Sun
29-Aug Sat
30-Aug Sun
31-Aug Mon Thames Turbo Hampton 
05-Sep Sat
06-Sep Sun
12-Sep Sat
13-Sep Sun
14-Sep Mon
15-Sep Tue Chicago World ITU Champs
16-Sep Wed
17-Sep Thu
18-Sep Fri
19-Sep Sat
20-Sep Sun
21-Sep Mon
25-Sep Fri
26-Sep Sat
27-Sep Sun Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade Eton Dorney VOTWO Gatorade