XC Results 2012-2013

Surrey XC League – Saturday 9th February at Denbies Vineyard, Dorking

First of all a massive THANK YOU for the tremendous turn out you all made on Saturday i.e. athletes, volunteers and parent supporters. This was a really great afternoon for the club in many ways. Some very good performances over a very tough course.

U/13 Girls Race – 56 Ran
Herne Hill were 1st with 38pts
DMV A team were 2nd with 40 pts.
DMV B team were 6th with 106 pts
DMV C team were 8th 146pts and
DMV D team 18th with 215 pts.

Full Team results (PDF).

Individual U/13 results:
Bea Allan. 12.25. 4th Elsa Palmer.12.44. 14th Rebecca Irvine. 13.57. 20th Georgina Langfield.14.32. 22nd Lowri Morris. 14.48. 27th Leila Ayimba-Golding. 15.04. 29th Emiko Salvi. 15.07. 31st Oliva Partridge. 15.16. 33rd Jasmine Bressler. 15.23. 35th Daisy Riley. 15.30. 38th Hedi De La Hoyde.15.42. 44th Holly Schlaeppi 16.07. 46th Maddie Phillips 16.20. 48th Ayesha-Ayimba-Golding. 16.30. 50th Ella Morris 16.57. 51st Poppy Russell. 17.49. 53rd Leah Schlaeppi. 18.03. 54th Machayla Dewdney. 20.35. 55th Isabelle Byrne. 21.00 56th Emily Green. 21.30.

Individual results (PDF).

U/13 Boys Race- 11 Ran
DMV A team were 1st with 77 pts
2nd Kingston Poly 22 pts
3rd Walton 21pts.

Individual U/13 results:
Fred Geen 15.48. 4th Joe Edwards. 16.25. 5th George Grassly.16.46. 6th Ewan Bate. 16.55. 7th Joe Palmer. 17.26. 8th Cameron Smith. 18.16. 9th George Robert Shaw. 18.57. 10th Joseph Downs.21.33. 11th Oscar Robert Shaw. 21.55.

U/15 Girls Race-47 Ran
DMV. A team were 1st with 39 pts.
2nd SLH with 45 pts.
3rd Herne Hill with 53 pts.
DMV B team 6th with 90 pts.
DMV C. team 7th with 115 pts.

Full team results (PDF)

Individual U/15 results:
2nd Hanna Morris. 16.37. 10th Kay Bainbridge. 18.00. 13th. Anna Price. 18.22. 14th Megan Winslade. 18.28. 18th Alice Blair. 18.54. 23rd Lucy Brett. 20.00. 24th Rebecca Loomes. 20.00. 25th Ellie Parnham. 20.17. 27th Sophie Cooper. 20.42. 28th Freya Jhugroo. 21.15. 29th Sophie Hosking. 21.55. 31st Katherine Tilling. 23.30.

Individial results (PDF)

U/15/17. Boys Race – 17 Ran
DMV A team were 3rd with 59pts
KP were 1st with 58 pts
G&G 2nd with 72 pts

Individual U15/17 results:
Tom Lowry 15.44. 6th Henry Allan 15.55. 11th Oliver Appleby. 17.58. 12th Oliver Dean. 18.07. 13th Tom McGachie. 20.24.

Individual results (PDF).

U20, Senior and Veteran Women

Good runs from Georgina Bland, Louise Ionascu, Fiona Blagg, Caroline Court and Jenny Lewthwaite ensured 2nd place for Dorking and promotion next season into Division 1. There were only 11 points separating DMVAC from Epsom and ewell who came first overall in the teams.

League Division 1 Individual Results Team Results
League Division 2 Individual Results Team Results

Senior Men

The Senior men have managed to maintain their position in Division One. An excellent turnout of 25 runners with Nick Hodges taking 2nd palce overall.

Individual results (PDF)

Surrey Schools X-C championships – Saturday 2nd February at Reigate Priory

An excellent set of results from our Junior DMAVC members with six runners being selected to represent Surrey in March.

U/13 Girls. 68 ran.

3rd. Elsa Palmer. 11.52. ***
12th. Daisy Riley 13.15. ***
23rd. Olivia Partridge.13.44.
24th Leila Ayimba-Golding.13.44.
30th. Sophia Brunswick. 13.53.

U/13 Boys. 69 ran.

3rd Fred Geen. 11.14.***
12th Ewan Bate. 11.44.***

U/15 Girls. 69 ran.

3rd Bea Allan. 13.14.***
10th Hannah Morris.13.59.***
33rd Anna Price.14.55.
35th Rebecca Irvine. 14.57.
36th Megan Winslade.15.01.
44th Lucy Brett. 15.15.
45th Emily Hornung. 15.19.

U/15 Boys. 71 ran.

25th Joe Edwards. 15.06.
26th Tom Lowry.15.07.
59th Sam Cliff. 16.17.

U/17 Boys. 59 ran.

29th Dan Ashwood. 21.44.
32nd Ben Brunswick. 21. 53.
***. Have been selected to run for Surrey in the SE Inter Counties X-C at Basildon in March.

Sat 12th January 2013, Surrey XC – Mitcham Common

Outstanding results from the third of the Surrey X-C League matches on Sat 13th January at Mitcham Common for Girls and Boys.

U/13 Girls Race
DMV A team were 1st with 39pts the DMV B team were 7th with 100pts and DMV C team were 10th:198pts

Individual results in the Girls U/13 race: Bea Allan 3rd Elsa Palmer 5th Georgina Langfield 13th. Rebecca Irvine 18th Anna Whitworth 19th, Leila Ayimba-Golding 24th, Daisy Riley 25th. Isobel Hornung 32nd, Maddie Phillips 33rd. Evie Parnham 35th Ellen Breaden 41st Maddie Player 42nd

U/15/17 Girls Race
In the U/15/ race DMV A team were 1st with 41pts the DVM B team were 5th with 83pts

Individual results in the U/15 race: Hannah Morris 3rd, , Megan Winslade 11th, Emily Hornung 13th, Anna Price 14th, Ellie Parnham 16th, Alice Blair 20th, Lucy Brett 22ndth Sophie Hosking 25th Freya Jhugroo.

U/13/15 Boys Race
DMV A team won the U/13 race with 8pts:

Individual results in the U/13: Sam Cliff 1st, Ewan Bate 2ndth, and Joseph Downs 4th.

DMV A team were 2nd in the U/15 race with 10 pts.

Individual results in the U/15 race: Tom Lowry was 3rd, Henry Allan 5th and Oliver Appleby 7th.

Senior Women
DMV A team 1st with 292 pts

Individual results: Zoe Shannon 34th in 37.11.Rebbecca Black 46th in 37.52. Louise Ionascu 48th in 37.55. Fiona Blagg 102nd in 41.06. Jenny Lewthwaite 160th in 44.04. Agnes Molendowska 198 in 46.07.

Sun 16th December 2012
Holly Run, Reigate Priory Park

This year’s Holly Run was another very good day for DMVAC Junior athletes and Vet Ladies. Seven races entered resulted in 1 Individual Gold, 4 Silver team medals and 1 Bronze team medal. More pictures available from Sussex Sports Photopgraphy: http://bit.ly/RPAC-Holly-Run-2012-Gallery

U/11Girls. 1 mile
8 .Maddie Phillips 7.23.
20. Kate Newman.
24. Tess Johnson. 8.01.
25. Ella Morris.8.04.
27. Eleanor Pepe. 8.08.
33. Mary Lowry.8.23.
37. Natasha Clancy.8.32.
46. Freya Sampson.8.53.
55.Harriet Breaden,9.13.
102. Georgina Harper. 12.03.

U/13 Girls. 2 miles.
Team result: 1.AFD 25 pts. 2. DMV. 47 pts.3. Reigate 50 pts
8. Elsa Palmer.12.57.
18.Daisy Riley. 14.0.5.
21.Holly Morris. 14.16.
23. Esme Crowfoot.14.40.
26.Heidi De La Hoyde.14.57.
29. Maddie Player 15.31.
30 .Elena Brammer. 15.37
33.Issy Hornung.16.15.
34. Heather Harper.16.30.

U/15 Girls. 2 miles.
Team result:1 Blackheath 10 pts .2. WSE 23 pts. 3. DMV 38 pts.
5.Hannah Morris.12.15.
16.Emily Hornung.13.09.
17.Megan Winslade.13.12
21.Lucy Brett.13.54.
23.Rebbecca Loomes.14.02.
24. Ellie Parnham.14.11.
27.Alice Blair.14.25.

U/11 Boys. 1 mile.
Team result: 1 AFD 9pts 2. DMV 24 pts 3. Reigate 45 pts.
7.Joe Palmer.6.47
8.Cameron Barrett.6.53.
9.George Robert-Shaw.6.54.
29.Oscar Robert-Shaw.7.33.
30.Joseph Downs.7.34.
36. Andrew Fraser.7.43.
46.Dan Phillips.8.06.
70.Tom Hornung.8.37.
108.Joe Lowry.10.15

U/13 Boys. 2 miles.
Team Result: 1 WSE 12 pts. 2. DMV 31 pts. 3.Oxted School.
1.Sam Cliff. 11.10.
11.Fred Geen.12.00.
18. Tom Wright.13.56.
25. Jacob Rondell. 16.09.

U/15 Boys. 3 miles.
8. Tom Lowry. 19.00.

Senior Ladies. Team result:
Team result:1 Tonbridge 13 pts. 2.DMV 37 pts 33.Walton 41 pts
9 Zoe Shannon.19.32.
19 Louise Ionascu.20.34.
27 Jenny Dexter.22.28.
31 Helen Johnson.23.21.

Sat 15th December 2012

South of Thames 7.5 Mile Championships, Richmond Park

76th Howard Jones M45 51.20
89th Graeme Mckay M45 53.35
96th Andy Fay M50 54.11


120th Rebecca Black 54.54 (15th woman overall and 3rd V40)
133rd Louise Ionascu 56. 17 (20th woman and 4th V40)

205 finished.

Sat 1st December 2012

Surrey XC League Division 1, Nonsuch Park

In the Girls and Ladies matches, DMAVC had 10 girls (out of 30) running in the U15 race, and 14 (out of 39) running in the U13 race. Only one other club had a complete team in each age group. The result was that DMVAC was 1st, 7th and 8th in the U13 age group and 2nd and 5th in the U15. The senior ladies only had 7 runners but with plenty of quality they finished in second place. More importantly all three teams are in 1st place overall. Congratulations to all our athletes and their coaches.

Sat 10th November 2012

Surrey XC League Division 1, Epsom Downs

DMVAC Juniors won the U/13 team race with 21 pts which was only made possible by the efforts of Sam Cliff and Joe Edwards who had ran at a very muddy Beths Grammar School, Bexley Heath in the regional final of the English schools X-C final at 12.30, then were driven at speed back to Epsom Downs to run in the 2.30 U/13 boys race – a really great effort by the boys and their driver!

Individual results: George Grassley, running in his first Surrey X-C League match for DMVAC was 1st, Sam Cliff 2nd, Joe Edwards 5th, Ewan Bate 7th.
After two matches, the DMVAC U/13 Boys are in 1st place.

In the U17/15 Boys race DMVAC were 3rd with 21 pts. Ben Brunswick 7th, Tom Lowry was 13th, Henry Allan was 17thth and Oliver Appleby was 24th. After two matches DMVU17/15 are in 3rd place.

English Schools Cup XC Final, Beths Grammar School, Bexley Heath

Earlier that morning at Beths Grammar School, Bexley, DMVAC had 11 of its junior athletes running for Ashcombe and 3 for Howard 0f Effingham in the Regional final of the English Schools Cup. Unfortunately, neither school qualified for the All England final but some good performances were recorded with Sam Cliff 7th of 72 in the U/13 boys, Hannah Morris 4th of 52 in the U/15 girls and Charlie Wyllie 8th of 61 in the U/15 boys.

Sat 20th October 2012

Surrey XC League Division 1, Roehampton


U/13 Girls Race

TheDMV A team were 1st with 34pts the DMV B team were 3rd with 68pts and DMV C team were 5th:

Individual results in the Girls U/13 race: Bea Allan 1st Elsa Palmer 3rd.Anna Whitworth 14th, Georgina Langfield 16th, Leila Ayimba-Golding 20th, Rebecca Irvine 22nd Daisy Riley 26th. Isobel Hornung 32nd, Holly Schlaeppi 38th and Lea Schlaeppi 39th.

U/15/17 Girls Race

In the U/15/ race DMV A team were 1st with 33pts the DVM B team were 7th with 100pts

Individual results in the U/15 race: Hannah Morris 2nd, Lucy Brett 8th, Megan Winslade 9th, Emily Hornung 14th, Freya Jhugroo 21st, Alice Blair 21st Rebecca Loomes 23rd.

U/13/15 Boys Race

DMV A team won the U/13 race with 11pts:

Individual results: Fred Geen 1st, Ewan Bate 4th, Tom Hall 5th and Joseph Downs 6th.

In the U/15 race DMV A team we were 2nd with 8pts (only two athletes ran) running Tom Lowry was 4th and Henry Allan was 6th.